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Patent Attorney
Mechanical Engineering Group
Manager, Changsha Office

Jianhui Deng

Patent Attorney
Mechanical Engineering Group
Manager, Changsha Office


Mr. Jianhui DENG is a patent attorney, and also the manager of the Changsha Office of Jiaquan IP Law.

Mr. Deng graduated from Hunan University with a major in Industrial Management Engineering and Tianjin University of Technology with a major in Law. He started to work in 1987 and worked in a state-owned enterprise as an equipment manager. In 2000, he began to work on intellectual property. In 2006, he obtained the qualification of Chinese patent attorney. Over the past 20 years, he has represented more than 3,000 patent applications and more than 10 intellectual property invalidation cases. In 2016, he was rated as "One-Star Patent Attorney". After joining Jiaquan, he has been focusing on and specializing in patent applications in the fields of mechanical structure, machinery manufacturing process, product control, testing, etc. He can provide the client with high-quality excavation, layout suggestions, and solutions for their patent applications, solve various difficult problems, provide practical and reasonable patent protection solutions for clients.


1987-2000 Worked in equipment management in Wangcheng County Hongqi Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant.

2000-2017 Worked in a well-known intellectual property company in Hunan.

2017 Joined Jiaquan IP Law.


In 2015, three patent application documents won the Award of Excellent Patent Application Document of Hunan Province

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The mechanical structure
Mechanical manufacturing process flow
Product control testing

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