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Patent Attorney
Senior Search Analyst
Assistant Researcher
Former Patent Examiner

Fangyan ZHU

Patent Attorney
Senior Search Analyst
Assistant Researcher
Former Patent Examiner


Ms. Fangyan ZHU is a patent attorney, search analyst, assistant researcher, former patent examiner, and head of the search analysis team of the Zhongshan office of Jiaquan IP Law.
Ms. ZHU graduated from the School of Transportation of Wuhan University of Technology, majoring in Marine Fluid Mechanics. She has five and a half years of experiences in the substantive examination for invention patents.

She obtained the certificate of completion of the new examiner training course in 2013, was awarded "Excellent Examiner of Mechanical Department" in 2014 and obtained the qualification of an assistant researcher in 2017. In 2019, she passed the advanced search examination of the CNIPA, and obtained the certificate of senior search analyst.

She has been engaged in the patent substantive examination for five and a half years, during which she substantively examined more than 500 invention patents. She has been working as a patent attorney for more than 3 years, handling more than 300 patent applications and 12 invalidation cases. At present, she is mainly responsible for patent search and analysis projects (such as patent navigation, invalidation search and anti-infringement investigation, etc.), drafting patent application documents, and responding to office actions. She has a rich experience in searching and has served clients such as Midea Group, Chant Group, Ming Yang Group, etc.


2013-2018  Patent Examiner of Patent Examination Cooperation Guangdong Center of the Patent Office, CNIPA

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