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Jiacan CHEN

Patent Attorney
Mechanical Engineering Group


Mr. Chen Jiacan is a patent agent, an intermediate intellectual property rights engineer, and the leader of the foreign-related machinery team of Guangzhou Jiaquan Patent and Trademark Office Co., Ltd. Graduated from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College of Guangdong University of Technology. In 2020, he won the qualification of patent agent in China, and in 2021, he won the first batch of intermediate intellectual property engineers in China.

He has been engaged in foreign-related patent agency for 6 years. He has represented 200+foreign-related invention/utility application cases, 600+foreign-related appearance cases, 80+OP review responses, and 130+IP review responses. He also provides customers with other comprehensive consulting services such as novelty search, patent layout, etc. on a daily basis. Famous enterprises that have served include General Motors, ZTE, Midea Group, etc., and have rich experience in intellectual property practice at home and abroad.

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Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology

Practice Areas
mechanical engineering
electronic information and circuits
computer software and hardware
Integrated circuit

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