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Mingxiao Lin

Patent Attorney


International Department


Mr. Lin Mingxiao graduated from Xiamen University with a bachelor's degree in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation. He has a first-class Certificate in Japanese and is proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Japanese.He has worked in a famous automobile enterprise for five years and a famous Japanese enterprise equipment company for two years. He has served as a R & D Engineer of automobile non-standard equipment and a R & D Engineer of 3C and new energy battery non-standard equipment respectively. He is familiar with R & D ideas and proficient in R & D of various mechanical institutions.

After joining Jiaquan in 2017, he was responsible for patent mining, patent writing, patent layout and other work in the electromechanical field. At the same time, he also provided support for Japanese patent practice, including the search, writing, proofreading, defense and various affairs consultation of Japanese patent applications. So far, the number of words translated between China and Japan has reached hundreds of thousands, and he has rich experience in Japanese patent practice. With many years of R & D experience, domestic patent practice experience and foreign patent practice experience, he can provide enterprises with high-level patent application documents and more comprehensive patent layout opinions from the perspective of enterprise R & D and strategic layout. He has been appointed as a patent agent by many enterprises.

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Xiamen University, machinery manufacturing and automation

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