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Shaoming CUI

Trademark Attorney


Mr. Cui Shaoming graduated from the School of Foreign Languages, Jilin University, majoring in Japanese Language and Literature, with a bachelor's degree in literature. Later, he studied in Japan, majored in civil and commercial law in the Law School of Aoyama University, and obtained a bachelor's degree in law; Waseda University, majoring in private international law, obtained a master's degree in law; After graduation, he continued to study private international law in the Law Research Section of Waseda University and took the course of Doctor of Law.

During Waseda University's tenure, he served as the research assistant (RA) of Waseda University's 21st Century COE and Global COE's Comprehensive Research Institute of Enterprise Legal System and Law Creation, with rich experience in translation, interpretation, editing, proofreading, organizing and preparing large-scale international seminars, etc.

After joining Jiaquan, he worked in the International Department, mainly responsible for the business and communication between China and Japan. Assist customers in the investigation, analysis, layout and brand planning of trademarks; We provide customers with systematic intellectual property solutions such as trademark registration application, rejection review, objection, invalidation declaration, confirmation of rights, and litigation for rights protection, and are especially good at trademark business in Japan.

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Shenzhen University
Japanese specialty baccalaureate

Practice areas
Jilin University
Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language and Literature
Aoyama University, Japan
Bachelor of Law in Civil and Commercial Law
Waseda University, Japan
Master of Laws in Private International Law

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