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Japanese patent agent
Specific tort litigation agent
Master of Science

Tomohiko Inui

Japanese patent agent
Specific tort litigation agent
Master of Science


He graduated from the Department of Science and Engineering, University of Ibaraki, Japan, majoring in natural functional science, and obtained a Master of Science degree.

After working in a Japanese patent office (Ogasaki Franchise Office, Sugiyama Kimura International Franchise Office) and accumulating practical experience, he successively worked in the intellectual property department of IHI (Heavy Industry Enterprise), Shiseido (Cosmetics Enterprise) and Dawang Paper Co., Ltd. (Commodity Enterprise), which are leading companies in Japan's industry, as an internal patent agent, from the perspective of management and operation, Engaged in the establishment and implementation of enterprise intellectual property strategy.

In 2013, registered the qualification of Japanese patent agent.

In 2015, obtained the qualification of litigation agent for specific infringement.

In 2022, INUI Integrated Intellectual Property Office will be established.

He has held several social posts.


Ogasaki Chartered Firm

Shanshan · Mucun International Franchise Office

IHI (Heavy Industry Enterprise)

Shiseido Co., Ltd. (cosmetic enterprise)

Dawang Paper Co., Ltd. (a commodity enterprise)

Vice Chairman of the Franchise Committee of the Board of Trustees of Japan 2022

Member of the Operation Committee of the Intellectual Property Business Center of the Board of Trustees of Japan in 2022

Member of the Franchise Committee of the Board of Trustees of Japan from 2018 to 2021

Member of the Italian Craftsman Committee of the Board of Directors of Japan in 2015 and 2017

Member of ADR Promotion Agency of the Board of Directors of Japan from 2016 to 2019

Tokyo Customs Omnibus Intellectual Property Investigator 2020~2022

Beyond 5G R&D Promotion Project Intellectual Property Advisor 2022~

Survey and research experts (intellectual property management survey team) who will help improve the popularity and enlightenment of intellectual property management to improve enterprise value 2022~

IP landscape support project expert 2022~

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University College of Ibaraki, Japan
Master of Science in Science and Engineering Research
Practice Areas
Patented physical, electrical, mechanical and other fields
Appearance, trademark and other intellectual property rights
Enterprise intellectual property consultant and planning
Intellectual property retrieval, analysis and strategic project approval
Intellectual property related contracts and licensing business
Customs investigation and handling of intellectual property infringement products
Foreign related intellectual property business

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