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Allen G. Zhou

IP Counsel

International Department


Allen is a member of the International Department of Jiaquan IP Law. Since joining Jiaquan in 2017, Allen has dedicated himself to providing IP services to domestic and foreign clients. He advises his clients on various IP matters in China, including applications, prosecutions, reexamination, invalidation, enforcement, etc. Also, per clients' needs, he also assists them in pursuit of IP layouts and protection overseas by working together with foreign agents.


Patent practice – helping an HK applicant to file a PCT international application

A Comparison of Trademark Registration in the U.S. and China

Patent practice - overview of the patent invalidation process in China 

Patent practice - there are other options about IP enforcement in China 

Patent Practice - what if the opinion is negative on the inventive step in the international search report (ISR)?

Patent Practice - some basic points about the divisional patent application in China

Patent practice - Whether your CN patent was terminated?

Patent practice - when to file the extension request for late entry to China from PCT

Patent practice - regarding CN design patent applications, why do we need our clients to confirm some follow-up questions almost every time after we receive their application instructions and documents?

Patent practice - a small talk about the registration of standard patents in Hong Kong

Patent practice - Use process patent to sue for product infringement, comparison between US practices and CN practices

Trademark practice – do I need to reply to a partial refusal of my trademark application in China if I agree to the examination’s consideration?

Trademark practice - overview of the trademark opposition process

Trademark practices - why do we recommend you file the trademark application in Class 35 besides your product-related Classes?

Trademark practice - OEM brand or trademark infringement in the trade business has always been a controversial topic in China.

Trademark practice - overview of the trademark application process in China

Trademark practice - along with the new amendment of China Trademark Law, people now can use the "bad faith registration" reason to fight back the trademark squatter.

Trademark practice - overview of the trademark cancellation application for the nonuse process

Trademark practice - how to calculate the deadline of filing a response to a notification of refusal concerning international trademark registration extending to China?

Trademark practice - overcome trademark refusals with the support of MM6 when designating Madrid application to China

Copyright practice - why register or record your copyright?

Copyright practice - a small talk about fixation

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Wuyi University, Bachelor of Engineering

Practice Areas

Trademark, Patent, and Copyright filing and prosecution

IPRs enforcement and litigation

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