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Associate Director of International Dept.
Senior Patent Attorney
Vice President, Jiaquan IP Law

Jason XUE

Associate Director of International Dept.
Senior Patent Attorney
Vice President, Jiaquan IP Law


Dr. XUE has rich experience in patent searching, drafting, filing and prosecution especially in the fields of pharmaceutics, chemistry, pesticide and chemical engineering. He also provides professional opinions and analysis for patent validity, patent enforcement and patent portfolio.

Before joining Jiaquan, Dr. XUE worked as an examiner for substantive examination at the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) for 7 years, handling more than 700 invention patent applications. He also provided preliminary reports and international search reports for PCT applications. As an adjunct examiner for reexamination, he has handled more than 50 cases of patent reexamination, and was further responsible for quality control of substantive examination and reexamination for more than 40 cases respectively. As a senior examiner, he was also in charge of training junior examiners.

Dr. XUE participates in academic research and has several publications as below. He has visited many large enterprises of pharmaceutics and chemical engineering for surveys, providing enterprises with professional advices on patent searching, drafting, filing and prosecution.

Dr. XUE’s working languages are Chinese, English and Japanese.


Representative Essays and Patents
1. Jianqiang Xue, Fangbin Gong, Qingeng Wang. Examination of Inventive Step for Crystals, The tenth Anniversary Symposium of academic committee, SIPO. 2013.
2. Yuqin Qiu, Jianqiang Xue, Yunhua Gao. Review and analysis of patents on microneedle technology in China, Pharmacy Today.2016, 26(9), 609-612.
3. Jianqiang Xue, Yuxia Zhao, Jie Wu,Feipeng Wu. Effect of Bridging Position on the Two-Photon Polymerization Initiating Efficiencies of Novel Coumarin/Benzylidene Cyclopentanone Dyes. J. Phys. Chem. A.2010, 114, 5171–5179.
4. Jianqiang Xue, Yuxia Zhao, Jie Wu, Feipeng Wu, Xiangyun Fang. Study of Electronic and Vibronic Contributions to Cooperative Enhancement of Two-Photon Absorption in Multi-branched Structures. New. J. Chem.2009, 33, 633-640.
5. Jianqiang Xue, Yuxia Zhao, Jie Wu, Feipeng Wu. Novel benzylidene cyclopentanone dyes for two-photon photopolymerization. J. Photochem. Photobio. A: Chem.2008, 195, 261-266.
6. Jianqiang Xue, Yuxia Zhao, Feipeng Wu. Study of Novel Coumarin/Iodonium Salt Photosensitize-initiating System. Symposium on Development and Applications of Non-silver Salt Imaging Technology and Materials. 2008, Henan.
7. Jianqiang Xue, Yuxia Zhao, Feipeng Wu. Two novel benzylidene cyclopentanone photosensitizers, synthesis and property study. J. Funct. Mater.2007, 38, 285-288.
8. Inventors: Fei-Peng Wu, Jianqiang Xue, Yuxia Zhao. Granted invention patent No. ZL200810240785.4 “Applications of Coumarin/benzylidene cycloalkanone dyes for preparation of two-photon initiated polymerization resins”.

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2018.5 International Trademark Association

Recent Invalidity Case Study in Pharmaceutical Field

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Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Doctor of Science in Organic Chemistry(2004.09– 2009.07)

Beijing Normal University
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry(2000.09-2004.07)

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