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Manager, Zhongshan Office
Patent Attorney


Manager, Zhongshan Office
Patent Attorney


Mr. Jun XIAO is a patent attorney, manager of the Zhongshan Office of Jiaquan IP Law, and an intellectual property expert of Zhongshan City.

Mr. Xiao graduated from Jilin University, majoring in mechanical engineering and automation. He was qualified as a patent attorney in 2012, and became one of the first batch of intellectual property experts in Zhongshan City in 2021.

He has been engaged in the patent agency for 10 years, acting as an attorney for more than 800 patent application cases, more than 40 patent litigation and invalidation cases. He has provided intellectual property consulting services for many listed companies, led and participated in the enterprise patent operation navigation for many companies, and participated in industrial park intellectual property training work many times.


Social Position
Expert of Intellectual Property Expert Database of Zhongshan City

Speaking Engagements
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Education Background
Jilin University
Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Bachelor of Engineering

Practice Areas
Patent litigation
Patent Invalidation
Patent Administrative Procedures
Rights Protection in Exhibition
Drafting Patent Application Documents and responding to Office Actions

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