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Jiawei CHEN

Mr. CHEN graduated from South China Agricultural University with a master degree of Microbiology. He has a command of microorganism experiments, such as aseptic operation and fermentation, and gene cloning, vector construction, protein expression, cell culture and other molecular-biology experiments.

Mr. CHEN used to work for Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences as a R&D engineer, and participated in functional food processing technology and new product research and development, as well as biological activity evaluation on active compound.

After joining Jiaquan IP, he is mainly engaged in drafting patent application documents and handling office actions in the fields of biochemistry, adhesive, feed, chemical synthesis and detection, sewage disposal, pottery and porcelain, serving for numbers of companies and universities. He, meanwhile, specializes in the practical operation of PPH request.

He is praised for he stands in the position of clients to make consideration, and then provides constructive guidance helping clients indeed understand the value of patents, but also implement the protection through patent application drafting. His comprehensive performance not only reflects the preciseness and professionalism of intellectual property workers, but also establishes a good corporate image for our company.

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