U.S. Patent Agent
Senior Adviser
Biotech Group
International Department
Dr. Yong Zhang graduated from Tsinghua University in 2003 with PhD degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology. He complet... Read More
Longbu ZHANG
Senior Patent Attorney
Work Experience Mr. Zhang was one of the first examiners in China, he served in China Patent Office from 1983 and he engaged in patent examination in the fields of Electronics and T... Read More
Vincent Yong ZHENG
Manager of International Department
Patent Attorney
Professional Experience Mr. Zheng graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a BSc in Refrigeration and Cryogenics in 1999. He continued at Unitec Institute o... Read More
Hengfeng ZUO
Patent Attorney
Mechanical Engineering Group
Professional Experience Mr. Zuo graduated from Nanchang University with a BEng in Process Equipment and Control Engineering. He formerly served as a measure engineer in a major home... Read More
Jing ZHA
Patent Attorney
Mechanical Engineering Group
Professional Experience Ms. ZHA was graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University with a bachelor degree of engineering on mechanical design, manufacturing & automation. ... Read More
Chenming ZHENG
Patent Attorney
Mechanical Engineering Group
Professional Experience Mr. ZHENG holds a master degree in mechanical manufacture and automation from Guangdong University of Technology. He had worked as an intern at a famous aut... Read More
Haiwen ZHANG
Patent Attorney
Manager, Zhongshan Office
Chair, Chemistry Group
Mr. Haiwen ZHANG is a patent attorney, engineer, and vice general manager of Jiaquan IP Law. Mr. Zhang once worked as an environmental engineer in a company, joined Jiaquan IP Law ... Read More
Shuxian ZHEN
Litigation Department
Professional Experience Ms. Shuxian ZHEN graduated from Law School of Sun Yat-sen University. She is a legal consultant as well as a national professional in Human Resources. ... Read More
Jichao ZHU
Patent Attorney
Chemistry Group
Professional Experience Mr. ZHU was graduated from Hubei University of Technology with a bachelor degree of biology engineering. Mr. ZHU used to work for Guangdong Shiwan Wine Grou... Read More
Dongming ZHAO
Patent Attorney
Electric and Electronic Group
Telecommunication Group
International Department
Professional Experience Mr. Zhao holds a BSc in Electronic Information and Technology from Kuming University of Science and Technology.  Before joining Jiaquan IP Law Firm, Mr.... Read More
Meiqing ZHAO
Trademark Attorney
Trademark Department
Professional Experience Ms. Zhao is focus on domestic trademark services and the relevant litigations. With 5 years experience in this profession, she had deal with almost all asp... Read More
Allen G. Zhou
Patent Engineer
Trademark Attorney
International Department
Allen works as an IP Counsel in the International Department of JIAQUAN IP Law. He provides IP services based upon the goal of IP protection for both foreign and domestic clients. He h... Read More
Fangyan ZHU
Patent Attorney
Senior Search Analyst
Assistant Researcher
Former Patent Examiner
Ms. Fangyan ZHU is a patent attorney, search analyst, assistant researcher, former patent examiner, and head of the search analysis team of the Zhongshan office of Jiaquan IP Law. ... Read More
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