Guanglong HUANG
Vice Manager, Shenzhen Office
Manager, Search Analysis Department
Senior Patent Analyst
Patent Attorney
Assistant Researcher
Mr. Guanglong HUANG is a senior search analyst, patent attorney, assistant researcher, master of integrated circuit engineering of Sun Yat-sen University, vice manager of the Shenzhen... Read More
Mingfu HONG
Patent Attorney
Electric and Electronic Group
Telecommunication Group
Professional Experience Mr. Hong graduated from South China Normal University majoring in communication engineering, and obtained the bachelor degree. He served as a hardware engine... Read More
Wencong HE
Patent Attorney
Electric and Electronic Group
Telecommunication Group
Professional Experience Mr. He graduated from South China University of Technology majoring in microelectronic technology, and obtained the bachelor degree. During the study period,... Read More
Jinming HE
Patent Attorney
Mechanical Engineering Group
Professional Experience Mr. HE was graduated from Chongqing University with a bachelor degree of mechanical design, manufacturing & automation. Mr. HE had worked in the field o... Read More
Hui HU
Patent Attorney
Chemistry Group
Mr. Hu graduated from Sun Yat-sen University with an MEng degree in Polymeric Chemistry and Physics. He spent two years in research and development of Plastic Formula and Processing a... Read More

Patent Attorney

Physics Group

Mr. Huang studied LED chip design and related production during his postgraduate period. Thus, he is familiar with LED epitaxial technology, chip technology and encapsulation technolo... Read More
Weihua He
Patent Engineer
Electric and Electronic Group
Telecommunication Group
Mr. He graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, major in optics engineering and obtained master degree. He has nearly 3 years of R&D experience in the Wuha... Read More
Wanlin Huang

IP Counsel
Trademark Attorney
International Department

Ms. Wanlin Huang works as an IP Counsel in the International Department of Jiaquan IP Law. She graduated from Henan University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of laws in Chin... Read More
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