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Patent Drafting Service

The drafting of patent is a sophisticated activity of combining technical and legal expertise. Jiaquan's patent drafting services assist businesses to develop and secure their invention in legal form.

Full technical field coverage
We have over 100 patent engineers in different background with deep understanding of different industries, enabling them to have profound understanding of clients’ technology and draft the patent application document.

Extensive training and experience in drafting skill
Before becoming a patent engineer, every new staffs go through 9 months’ study of patent law and training of patent drafting. Drafting over 7,000 patents every year, our patent engineers are highly experience and skillful in drafting patents for majority of technical fields.

Closely follow latest update on patent law & practice
Meeting on latest update on patent practice for different art groups are held every month to keep patent engineers educated on drafting practice in line with the latest trends.

Extensive experience in invalidation and litigation enriches the drafting skill
We incorporate our experience in invalidation and litigation into the internal patent drafting standard drafted by our firm, providing guideline for patent engineers to draft an enforcement oriented patent from the perspectives of invalidation and litigation.

Complete quality control system
Striving to achieve highest quality standard, Jiaquan designed and implement quality control system with quality control board as supervising entity

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