7th Floor, Hongta Mansion
244 Shuiwan Road, Jida, Xiangzhou District
Zhuhai, 519015, China

T +86-(0)756-3339000 (Chinese Only)
F +86-(0)756-3332444
E mail@jiaquanip.com

Zhuhai was one of the first bunch special economic zone open to the world after China’s open up and reform. Zhuhai is connect with Macao by highways and with Hong Kong by water, strategically neighboring Jiangmen in the West and Zhongshan in the North. Zhuhai is also the base of some well-known electronic& telecommunication manufacturers such as Kingsoft and MEIZU. Zhuhai office has been soaring their business since founded in 2012, they established cooperation relationship with Kingsoft and most High-tech enterprises in Hengqin freetrade zone. The Zhuhai office is awarded as the “Excellent attorney agency of Zhuhai”

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