41st Floor, Office Building B,
Wanda Plaza, Fazhan Avenue,
Jiangmen, Guangdong 529000 China

T +86-(0)750-3113845 (English / Chinese)
F +86-(0)750-3113845
E mail@jiaquanip.com

Founded in 2001, Jiangmen office was the first office since privatized and renamed as”Jiaquan IP Law Firm”. We have been on top of application number for patents and trademarks in Jiangmen for 15 years. In addition, Jiaquan has been cooperation with 70% of the enterprises in Jiangmen, especially the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in China, DCJ Group. Our Jiangmen office is supported by legal and professionals who are fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. They also provide litigation, prosecution, and counseling services to a wide range of companies. For more than 15 years, Jiaquan has been advising clients in Jiangmen in the LCD, LED, solar, semiconductor, biomedical, pharmaceutical, communications, telecommunications, and networking industries. The Jiangmen office is also awarded as the “Patent information resource development Project Prize”, “Council Member of Enterprise Confederation of Jiangmen”, ”Member of High-tech enterprise Promotion Association”.

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