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Samsung Files Multiple Lawsuits against Huawei for Damage of USD 24 Million
Time: 2016-07-25
Samsung Files Multiple Lawsuits against Huawei

July 25, 2016

Last week, Beijing IP Court received 6 complaints from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. against Beijing Hengda Mall and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. for patent infringement. Samsung is requesting a damage of CNY 160 Million (USD 24 Million) for the lost it suffered.

In its complaint, Samsung claimed that, as a patentee of six Chinese patents with title “Method of recording moving image data and digital camera” etc., it discovered that Huawei applied the patented technology on a few models of its products such as Mate 8, Honor and Tablet while Beijing Hengda Mall sold the aforesaid products. Samsung requested the defendants to stop producing, selling and offering to sell the said infringing products.

The cases are currently pending.

(Source:Beijing IP Court)
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