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Exploring the Impact of China's 4th Amendment to Trademark Law: A Global Discussion
Time: 2023-03-02

 Patent practice - Grace Period for Novelty of Chinese Patents

On February 28th, we successfully held our first webinar in 2023, with the theme of "Chinese Trademark Protection Post-2019 Amendment" The seminar aimed to explore the impact of China's fourth amendment to Trademark Law on industrial practices over the past three years through sharing and exchanging thoughts and insights with professionals worldwide.

The seminar mainly covered three aspects of the amendment of the Trademark Law: the background, major amendments, and exemplary cases.

As the keynote speaker of the seminar, Mr. Rick Z Tan Rick Tan (please click through the link to reach out to Mr. Rick TAN on LinkedIn), a senior trademark attorney of our firm, combined his practical experience to explain relevant knowledge and specific cases in the Chinese Trademark Law practice, helping participants gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese Trademark Law.

The seminar attracted intellectual property practitioners from around the world, who listened attentively to the presentations and raised various questions, including topics such as

  • "What is a bad faith trademark application that is not intended for use, and what are the exceptions?"
  • "Can and how to report a bad faith trademark application to the Chinese Trademark Authority that is not intended for use in the filing stage?"
  • "Will the evidence be examined differently in trademark invalidation and review procedures?",
  • "How overseas clients can use Article 4 of the Trademark Law to combat bad faith applicants?"

Mr. Tan provided detailed answers and professional advice to all the questions, receiving unanimous praise from the attendees. Due to the high level of attention to the relevant topics, the originally planned 40-minute presentation was extended to nearly one and a half hours.

Through the success of this seminar, we believe that such an event has a positive significance in promoting the development and progress of Chinese Trademark Law.

We look forward to holding more such events in the future, so that practitioners and professional scholars from various industries can communicate, learn, and share in greater depth.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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