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Expert Joining Announcement: Bringing on Board a Seasoned IP Expert
Time: 2023-02-24

Mr. Zhenjiang LI is a senior intellectual property expert who graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University with a major in Communication Engineering and Beijing University with a major in Intellectual Property Law. With extensive training and work experience, he is well-versed in European and American patent law and Chinese intellectual property laws and regulationsHe has received training at the Boehmert & Boehmert law firm in Germany (a large and well-known law firm in Munich, Germany) and the BSKB law firm in the United States (a well-known intellectual property law firm in the United States), and has obtained the qualifications of Chinese patent attorney, patent lawyer, and patent attorney association lecturer.

Mr. LI worked at the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Patent and Trademark Office (CCPIT) for over ten years, during which he was responsible for patent applications and consulting services for numerous well-known companies. He has served as the Vice President of the Shenzhen branch of Lung Tin Intellectual Property Agent Ltd., and a partner of Beijing Hanhao Intellectual Property Agency.

His clients include well-known companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Huawei, IBM, Siemens, and Apple, among which Tencent and Alibaba awarded him the highest level of patent attorney, Grade S for Tencent and Grade A for Alibaba. In addition, he has been the designated patent attorney chosen by Siemens.

During his career, Mr. LI led a team responsible for most of Apple's patent applications and consulting services in Greater China, and actively carried out rewriting work to ensure Apple's intellectual property in the Chinese market. The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) also launched a research group to investigate Apple's patent applications. In addition, he has been designated as a patent drafter by IBM, and has drafted various Chinese or English patent application documents submitted to the Chinese Intellectual Property Office, the US Patent Office, or the European Patent Office.

Mr. Zhenjiang LI is a senior and experienced professional with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property. He is committed to providing clients with high-quality and efficient services, and has won the trust and praise of clients with his excellent professional qualities and reputation.

Mr. LI's joining will further enhance the professional level and service quality of our firm. His addition will not only strengthen our advantages in the field of intellectual property law services, but also further enhance the professionalism and efficiency of our services. We believe that his joining will provide our clients with more comprehensive and professional intellectual property services, further meeting the needs of clients for high-quality professional services.

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