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Time: 2022-08-10


Aug 10 2022

Today we are very excited to tell you something that is closely related to the future development of our firm.

Before the announcement, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and trust throughout these years. Looking back at the past three decades, we have been adhering to the mission of protecting every innovation and expanding our business to better meet our clients' needs.

· Expanding of our service scope 

Now Jiaquan has developed from a traditional intellectual property (IP) service team into a comprehensive law firm, which provides IP and other integrated legal services in civil, commercial, administrative, criminal, and other fields. 

In order to better deliver our plan for business expansion to the clients, and to highlight our joint development in both IP and legal business, we decide to upgrade our logo. 

As we may all know, it is not easy for an enterprise that has been developing for decades to adjust its logo. We have been working on it since 2020, exploring and discussing every proposal and possibility. 

· Deciding our new Logo 

At last, this design impresses us.

Yes, the above design is the new logo of Jiaquan, while the following is the old one.

In comparison, there is not much adjustment between the two logos. What’s the story behind it? Let’s share with you the details of the adjustment from a designer’s perspective.

· The philosophy 

Firstly, the color of the image part is changed to vermillion red, together with the navy blue-colored text, presenting a more refined and grand style as a whole. As for the text part, instead of juxtaposing the trade name and business, we choose a layout that highlights the name “Jiaquan” to focus on our brand.

You may recall the meaning of our trade name: “Jia” stands for good and “Quan” stands for claim, which together means good claim. It highly summarizes our founder’s idea of establishing the firm, which is to protect our clients’ inventions through good claims.

At the same time, we introduce a seal element which is of great oriental wisdom. On the one hand, it subtly demonstrates our range of business extends from IP to IP & Law. On the other hand, the seal, with its unique connotation of acknowledgment and signature, reflects our firm's commitment to quality services.

· In the future

Next, the visual identity system of the new logo will be presented on all promotional materials and windows of our firm. At this very moment, the new logo has been shown on our English website.

In the future, we will continue to abide by the principle of protecting every innovation, deliver quality services to our clients in a broader range of businesses and look forward to gaining continuous support and trust from you.


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