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Congratulations! Jiaquan Open New Office at Zhaoqing
Time: 2020-07-29

Congratulations! Jiaquan Opened New Office at Zhaoqing

In recent years, as China attaches more importance to intellectual property, the level of creation and environmental development in the field of intellectual property has been significantly improved.

As a renowned intellectual property agency, Jiaquan IP Law has focused on the field of intellectual property protection and steadily promoted the business layout to escort the innovative development of Chinese enterprises since its establishment in 1988.

This summer, Jiaquan took a further step in its strategic layout of Guangdong–Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area. The Zhaoqing Branch Office was officially established.


So far, Jiaquan has gradually developed from a patent legal services provider into a professional legal services organization that integrates general legal practices with intellectual property services.

With a total of 11 offices and a team of over 800 professionals covering all technical backgrounds, Jiaquan’s expertise stretches across legal consulting, contract services, labor & employment law, corporation law, legal remedy, legal training, dispute resolution & litigation, intellectual property, and intellectual property analysis & appraisal.

Working with law firms in over 100 countries, Jiaquan tailors specialized legal strategies to suit clients’ unique needs and has a solid track record made up of thousands of successful cases.

Jiaquan will be at your service at any time.

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