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The year 2021 became the first year of metaverse, and the concept of “metaverse” has soared in popularity since then. All types of industries started to add “metaverse” to their commercial planning and trademark layout, and applying for trademarks containing the term “metaverse” to seize business opportunities.
Intellectual Asset Management (IAM), a well-known international IP publication, recently released its Patent 1000 2022 ranking. In this ranking, Jiaquan IP Law was featured as “silver band of prosecution" and “bronze band of litigation" due to its comprehensive strength. Jiaquan’s advance from “bronze band of prosecution” in 2021 to “silver band of prosecution” in 2022 not only signified IAM’s recognition of Jiaquan’s achievements over the last year, but also reflected Jianquan’s consistent improvement in its domestic and overseas business.
I recently received an inquiry from a US colleague about filing a PCT international application with CNIPA as the RO without a priority basis. I have rarely discussed this issue with my foreign associates in the past because although CNIPA is one of the PCT receiving offices, the applicant must meet the below conditions. And the fact is most of the foreign inbound cases we handle here are with foreign applicants.
With years of experience and excellence in the field of #IP, Mr. Tan Yingqiang (Jacky Tan), partner of Jiaquan, was named as one of the "Top 100 China IP Experts" this year out of so many amazing peers.
On Sunday morning, when I was crouching on the sofa with a coffee and watching some TV shows, my friend (Kurt Saunders) sent me this captioned question via Whatsapp.
Today we are very excited to tell you something that is closely related to the future development of our firm.
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NNN agreement is short for Non-Disclosure/Non-Use/Non-Circumvention agreement, which means not to tell anyone, not to use the information, and not to go around your back. In recent years, signing NNN agreement has been widely adopted, and became the initial step in dealings with Chinese companies, particularly the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
With its comprehensive advantages in the field of intellectual property, Jiaquan was once again selected as one of the #iampatent1000. Several senior attorneys have been listed as outstanding individual recommendations.
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