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On June 22, 2016, Guangzhou IP Court issue its first Preliminary Injunction on patent infringement case since its establishment in December 2014, ordering Guangzhou Wentan Trading Co., Ltd.
One of the advantages of China’s legal system is that intellectual property enforcement proceedings take place over short time periods relative to Western standards. Capitalizing on this, Jiaquan IP Law scored a major victory for Guangdong Midea Refrigeration (Midea) by removing infringing air conditioners from major markets before the peak of summer sales season, resulting in an increase in sales for Midea of roughly USD$30,000,000.
Qualcomm Inc, the largest mobile phone chipmaker, is filing a lawsuit in Beijing against a Chinese phone manufacturer, the first major test of a hard-won agreement with the government there to allow it to enforce its right to charge fees for the use of technology.
When coming to patent infringement litigation, valid patent, infringement evidence, eligibility of plaintiff and defendant are all essential elements. What happens if the former three elements are well prepared, but the infringer appears to be an underground workshop without business registration? Let's look at an example below.
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