December 29,2016
It is said that the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB) has been taking action to improve efficiency of the trademark review procedure.    Read More
December 24,2016
In November, Beijing IP Court issued a judgment in favor of Exxon Mobil Corp. (“Exxon Mobil”), determining that Beijing Beinongguoxin Kejifazhan Co., Ltd. (“Beinongguoxin”) etc. as defendants had infringed the exclusive trademark right of Exxon Mobil and ordered the defendant to pay damages of CNY 4.5 million (USD 652,000) and reasonable litigation cost of CNY 35,000 (USD 5,700).    Read More
December 14,2016
On Dec 8, 2016, Beijing IP Court issued a judgment, ordering Hengbao Co., Ltd. (“Hengbao”) as defendant to pay damages of CNY 50 million (USD 7.2 million) to Watchdata System Co. Ltd. (“Watchdata”) as plaintiff for patent infringement. Hengbao is the manufacturer of USB Token for bank industry.    Read More
November 15,2016
On November 3, 2016, Beijing IP Court issued a decision of imposing a fine to the trademark owner in a non-use cancellation case for forging of evidence.    Read More
September 22,2016
On September 21, 2016, Beijing IP Court hears the first GUI Infringement case in China. The case is between the plaintiff Beijing Qihu Technology (“Qihu”), Qizhi Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the defendant Beijing Jiangmin New Technology Co., Ltd. (“Jiangmin”).    Read More
September 20,2016
In Jun 2016, the Supreme People’s Court of P. R. China issued a decision, rejecting the petition of retrial filed by petitioner HW Reflector Co. Ltd (“HW”). The Supreme People’s Court’s decision marked the final victory of 3M in its battle against the trademark infringer.    Read More
September 08,2016
Recently, Facebook prevailed in the final instance of the administrative litigation of trademark opposition for “face book”, eventually achieve thorough victory against a Chinese trademark squatter after five years of war.    Read More
August 31,2016
Recently, Beijing IP Court issued a judgment in favor of Macy's against Beijing Guowang Information Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred as “Guowang”).    Read More
August 20,2016
Recently, Eli Lilly successfully obtained pretrial injunction from Shanghai IP Court in a trade secret case against its former employee for trade secret infringement. In the injunction, the court barred the defendant from disclosing, using or allowing others to use 28 trade secret document of the plaintiff.    Read More
August 11,2016
In July, the Chinese enterprises once again set off a boom of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the global market    Read More
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