October 03,2020
China IP News : 2020 No.71 ● China’s first patents on COVID-19 vaccines and test kits granted ● company Pfannenberg was awarded high compensation in patent infringement Download Now! China IP News : 2020 No.70 ● CNIPA releases filing numbers in the first half of 2020 ● Chinese Pract...
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September 02,2020
What is a Letter of Consent?    Read More
September 02,2020
When a foreign company/individual is involved in patent invalidation proceedings, either as a petitioner or a patentee, the below Q&As may be helpful.    Read More
July 29,2020
The biotechnology industry has steadily become an important part of the economy in recent years. The development of the biotech industry has been proclaimed as “National Development Strategy” and has been considered as an increasingly important part of the Strategic Emerging Industry of China and many other countries.    Read More
September 28,2020
Recently, Pfannenberg Europe GmbH, a leading German company in the electrical industry, defended its patent rights in China and obtained a high compensation of over RMB 600,000 (USD 86,760) successfully.    Read More
September 28,2020
In early August, three of our clients’ invention patent applications on COVID-19 vaccines and test kits were published and granted by CNIPA. This is indeed thrilling news since so far the world is still suffering from the pandemic.    Read More
September 02,2020
In early July, CNIPA released the main statistics for the first half of 2020. The statistics show a relatively stable trend for domestic patent and trademark applications in China.    Read More
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