May 07,2022
China IP News : 2022 No.90 ● Hague in Force in China: Tips for Choosing the Hague Agreement or Paris Convention to File Design Patents in China ● iaquan info - Dr. Xiuping Ou Designated National Experts on Overseas Intellectual Property Disputes and IIPCC ● Patent practice - Filing Divisional Applications in China Download Now! ...
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April 29,2022
Patent practice - Filing Divisional Applications in China    Read More
February 28,2022
Successfully registering a trademark is not easy. After registration, the trademark owner still needs to do a few important things to keep it alive. Under the China Trademark Laws, registered trademarks can be canceled on the grounds of non-use for three consecutive years.    Read More
February 28,2022
Like many other countries, China also has a trademark cancellation procedure on the grounds of non-use. If a registered trademark has not been used for over three years, a third party may request to cancel it. The cancellation request is examined and decided by the Trademark Office of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). If the parties are not satisfied by CNIPA's decision, they may apply for a review. If the review result is still not satisfying, they may appeal to the Beijing Intellectual Property Court.    Read More
April 30,2022
I had a really nice discussion on one hypothetical case with a university professor of IP the other day, which was indeed enlightening and informative. Can't share it all in this post, but still want to share some info here. Hope you will find it interesting to read.    Read More
April 29,2022
Dr. Xiuping Ou, a senior advisor at Jiaquan IP Law, was among the second batch of officially designated National Experts on Overseas Intellectual Property Disputes and has also become a member of the Executive Advisory Committee of the International IP Commercialization Council (IIPCC).    Read More
April 20,2022
The patent practice of each jurisdiction has its own running way. But meanwhile, these are connected by various terms, treaties, and organizations - such as the Paris Convention and the PCT. And in addition to some large systems like these two, there are other smaller cooperative relationships just between two or several jurisdictions.    Read More
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