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Jiaquan's 200+ intellectual property professionals have education and industrial experience in a wide range of intellectual property fields and technologies, and have won awards for their outstanding service including:

  • Top 100 Enterprises of Guangdong’s Science and Technology Industries
  • Directorship, Intellectual Property Research Association
  • Vice President, Foshan Nanhai District IP Association
  • Governing Board, National Patent Attorney Association
  • Governing Board, Guangdong Patent Attorney Association
  • Governing Board, Jiangmen Enterprises Confederation
  • Standing Board Member, Guangdong IP Research Society
  • Member of the 11th Session of Jiangmen City Committee
  • Board, Biotech Industry Association
  • Jiangmen Key Admin. Decision Experts Consulting Committee
  • Guangzhou Key Admin. Decisions Experts Consulting Bank
  • Patent Infringement Assessing Experts, South China Region
  • Designated Service Provider, 2015 Foshan Nanhai District
  • Designated Innovation Subsidy Agency, Guangdong --"100 Firms & 1000 Enterprises" Coupling Project
  • Jiangmen Science and Technology Bureau Honoree
  • Outstanding Patent Agency, Zhuhai
  • Outstanding Patent Agency, Guangzhou Yuexiu District
  • Outstanding IP Service Provider, Guangdong

  • Guangdong Intellectual Property Board
  • IP Counsel, China Futian Enterprise Confederation
  • IP Counsel, China Futian Entrepreneur Association
  • Trademark Association of the PRC
  • Jiangmen Hi-tech Industry Promotion Association
  • Guangdong Facilitating Org. for the Safeguarding of IPR
  • Guangdong Enterprise Confederation
  • Guangdong Enterprise Association
  • China Futian Enterprise Confederation
  • China Futian Entrepreneur Association
  • International Trademark Association
  • International Assoc. for the Protection of Intellectual Property
  • The American Chamber of Commerce, South China
  • The British Chamber of Commerce, South China

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